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About Us

About Us

Empowering Teens & Adults
to Create a Spectacular,
Meaningful & Happy Life

When awesomeness shines from within, it is like a raging fire that cannot be put out and lights up everything around it.


Thousand Petals programmes are designed to train and coach students in their teens to be future ready, emotionally strong, resilient and develop a winning mindset. They are guided and mentored to dream big, and achieve their grand goals and live a successful and happy adult life.

“No child left behind” is what we believe in.

Unlike the obsolete grading system followed in the school, we believe that no child is inferior or lesser than another. We believe that each child is a masterpiece and his/her worth cannot be caliberated or gauged through a numbering system and become criteria for deciding their destinies.

If we are grading, judging, labeling, boxing our children without even giving a chance to their potential to surface, we are only ending up producing class rooms full of maladjusted self-doubting kids who grow up to become maladjusted self doubting adults, never believing in their own worth.

“Our children deserve better than this. We as parents, have made them into these cogs that have to fit into some very large economic wheel. We’ve imposed on them those skills that will never make them complete and happy”

Result: A society of unhappy, emotionally weak, uninspired, unfocused, stressed individuals craving for constant external gratification & individual


This tiny sentence constitutes 97.6% of a child’s self talk content in a day. This alone, is the underlying cause of various unhealthy mental states like:

  • anger
  • rebellion
  • addiction
  • depression
  • non-performance
  • anxiety
  • low self worth
  • low confidence
  • violence
  • suicides
  • lack of focus
  • Bad relationships

Guess who led young children to believe they are not good enough?


Thousand petals has scientifically tested workshops & programmes that provide training & mentoring to children in the teen-age group to strengthen their innate resilience & self worth through intense skill training.



Coaching teens and adults to discover their true potential & brilliance.

We work on providing them with tools to recognize, develop and polish their own uniqueness and to overcome their real & imagined barriers and introduce them to their own inner magnificent self.



Training teens and adults to be their most ENERGETIC, spirited, magnetic & successful selves.

Children are like stained glass paintings. Once the dirt of judgements, labels and negative conditioning is washed away and a light is shone from within, the most exquisite pattern emerges which is breathtaking and unique.



Mentoring students to deconstruct the walls of limiting beliefs and cultivating a winning mindset.

“I look forward to the rain as I love to watch the droplets of water turn into thousands of shimmering beads on a lotus leaf. Its also always fascinating to watch the lotus flower rise up so royally from the unclean waters and unfurl its petals in all its brilliance. An uncontaminated symbol of a radiance, grandeur & resurrection”

Thousand Reasons for Thousand Smiles

“Thousand Petals”

Success & happiness skills programmes are a result of more than 25 years of scientific & practical research and extensive work in more than 200 schools & organizations to provide children and adults certain powerful tools for a life filled with wealth, success and happiness.

Children are provided with a GPS system to guide them and prepare them for the twists & bumps of life and how to navigate them to achieve their goals in a well prepared efficient, exciting and joyful manner.

Life is not meant to be stumbled through. Its meant to be a fun filled journey with discovery, adventure and rewards.

Over the years, while working with children, I fell in love with their wide eyed curiosity,fascination,intrigue and brilliance. It seemed so unfair that these little geniuses had access only to text book based education for a better part of their lives. It was not enough. They were looking up to us, to be their role models, to guide them to help them through turbulence, emotions, anger, gaps, disappointments, setting goals, anxieties, depression, addictions, resilience and plethora of other pit falls they would experience along the way.

Many of them would not know how to pick themselves up, shake off the dust and move on, Unfortunately!

I became even more gripped by the concept of bringing happiness tools to young people (and subsequently to adults) as it would not only enhance their lives but also improve the quality of the lives of their children, grand children and all those who come in contact with them.

….as they would be shaped and touched by someone who is happier , more successful and emotionally stable & healthy.

It was overwhelming and humbling at the same time to look at what I had begun to change, touch and influence generations and societies and start people’s journeys towards happiness.

“nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”
– Marie Curie, Scientist

Start the Movement with

Yourself !

The movement of finding the happiness and calm has to start somewhere and it starts with each one of us. Imagine the impact of our easy to use tools on the larger society and the ripple effect it will create.



Your unique strengths, grow strong emotional muscles.



Unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams & goals.

Get your

Get your

Hands on the cheat codes to excelling in academics, relationships, career and life.



The secrets of winners & achievers. What made them reach the pinnacle of success and sustain it over the years.