Workshops for Developing
Perfect Skills to Achieve
Everlasting Love, Compatibility
& Happiness in a Marriage &

There are

10 Million

in India alone this year

The celebrations
are getting bigger


and grander every year

Yet, a growing number of married couple, will file for divorce within 2 years of marriage


A marriage has become more about the pomp and the ceremony and the fancy display of wealth, rather than about the 2 individuals. How do they go through this journey and come out victorious, strong, and happy and loving at the end.

A marriage is the single most significant building block of any social structure.

The quality of your marriage will impact every other area of your life:

  • -professional success
  • -emotional well being
  • -physical health
  • -the development and well being of the children

It is such a divine feeling to be in love! Especially when you have found “the one” with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Marriages are indeed made in heaven! Because being in a happy marriage can feel no less than heaven.

However our education system completely ignored the fact that there are skills that need to be taught for sustaining long lasting interpersonal relationships. For a marriage to be amazing, long lasting and happy, the two individuals need to be strong, resilient, and happy. Only then will they go on to build a great relationship.

Sadly, no one tells you this.

Secrets to Happy Life

Secrets to Happy Life

Coaching to build a trusting, loving relationship that deepens and endures through the passage of time and does not start cracking and falling apart at the first sign of adversity, or road block.

Techniques & tools for clear and concise couples’ communication

Techniques & tools for clear and concise couples’ communication. Exercise to guide you through the perfect Duology language that your partner easily understands, allowing accurate sharing of thoughts, views, emotions and ideas without any scope of misinterpretation leading to mutual trust and respect.

Interactive sessions for understanding the emotional differences of the 2 genders

Interactive sessions for understanding the emotional differences of the 2 genders and how they impact the relationship. How to interpret and deal with emotional messages, both verbal & non-verbal, a very critical aspect in keeping the romance kindling and alive in a marriage.

Tools and guidance for navigating through stormy weather

Tools and guidance for navigating through stormy weather. How to stay strong, focused and invincible through the tests and challenges every relationship might go through, and emerge happier and stronger.

Is there some
way this could
have been avoided?

How does a marriage survive and remain strong through transitions and turbulence?

Is there a formula to have a fantastic sustainable marriage ?

Time to reflect

Will men and women ever understand each other?

Is it possible to sustain the romance over the years?

A method
backed by

Can one acquire the skills for deep love and happiness in a marriage ?

The answer is YES

Whether You are Embarking on a New Relationship or Looking to Add Zing to
an Existing one. You Need Thousand Petals.

Definition of Love

Definition of Love,

what it is and what it isn’t.

Communication constructive vs destructive.


constructive vs destructive.

Human Emotions

Human Emotions,

understanding and managing them.

The expectation trap

The expectation trap.

Mars and Venus

Mars and Venus,

understanding the differences.

Trust, respect and intimacy

Trust, respect and intimacy.

Unlocking the key to everlasting romance

Unlocking the key to everlasting romance.

Validation vs confrontation

Validation vs confrontation.


We as society are in love with love, especially weddings. It is one of the most important relationship a person will experience, Why so? Because research shows that practically every dimension of life’s happiness & success is influenced by the quality of ones marriage. And after the celebrations have died down guests have gone home, a good marriage requires as much skill as love. The reality is, most of us don’t have adequate skills going into marriage.

A loving, trusting relationship that grows

A loving, trusting relationship that grows, deepens and endures the challenges of today’s fast paced modern life.

Improved techniques for excellent

Improved techniques for excellent communication for better mutual understanding.

Deepened tolerance, acceptance and unconditionality

Deepened tolerance, acceptance and unconditionality.

Keeping the excitement and romance alive

Keeping the excitement and romance alive, leading to lasting joy and happiness.