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Have a Love-Hate relationship with MONEY?!

Have you been looking for Tools you require to end your struggle with MONEY?

In this programme, we will look into how our own scripts and inner stories are creating a life of lack and financial stress in our lives.

Vandana Kapuria is a success coach and specialise in helping the audience identify and unblock their Emotional and mental obstacles that keep them from creating a magnificent, successful, and Happy life.

She will take us through a journey like never before where by the end of 2 hours a major shift will occur and you will find that growing rich is not impossible after all.

With Money Magnet Workshop,

Reinvent your relationship with Money
Rewire their core beliefs around money
Have a clear understanding of what money is, and what money isn’t
Become the CREATOR of money, rather than wait for it to HAPPEN from the outside

Based on books, research from across the world, these teachings will help you transform their dreams of becoming RICH into reality now

After attending this workshop, Feel
And Become the strongest money magnet ever!


What will be included?
-Framework that will carry specific questions to help you identify the mental and Emotional self created blocks to receiving more money in life
-Video recording of the workshop
-Money Magnet Certificate of participation

Mode of workshop: Online Zoom
Date: Sunday, 31st August
Timing: 12pm – 2 pm IST (Recordings will be available)*
Fees: 1100/- only

Who can join?
– Businessmen, Professionals, Students, Graduates & Housewives
– Anyone who has mental & emotional blocks around money & want to resovle them!



What will the Workshop Cover?

    • Learn 5 proven elements to generating wealth
    • Unlocking science and tools of receiving more money in life.
    • 7 key emotions that impact our money receiving
    • How to clear all sabotaging money behaviors
    • Find out 6 subconscious fears around money & how to break them
    • Identifying your story around money and redesign your script

What will you take back?

  • Ability to attract, create, and generate money with ease
  • A better and improved relationship with money
  • Build habits for personal effectiveness
  • A conversation with money that is more joyful than embarrassing
  • A clear understanding of what money is, and what money isn’t
  • How to redesign our mind script for removing money blocks

Who should Join?

  • Those who feel they are stuck in a particular rut financially
  • Those who feel no matter how hard they work, they are unable to generate more money
  • Those who want to start a business venture
  • Those who want to improve their relationship with money

Vandana Kapuria

  • Psychology (Hons) from Delhi University
  • MBA from Times school of management
  • Negotiation Skills Coach
  • Certified Behavioural skills Coach and counsellor
  • Certified Relationship skills coach and trainer
  • Certified Adolescent and teen life skills coach
  • Certified Business success trainer and coach
  • Happiness and Emotional wellness coach
  • FOUNDER: Thousand Petals. an organisation for Teen and Adult Success and Emotional Wellness
  • DIRECTOR: Enmax Smart Systems. Suppliers and Service providers of Energy Efficient Equipment and sustainable technology to the construction Industry.


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