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SELF WORTH: The SUPER POWER you never knew about

6:30 pm - 7:45 pm


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In today’s times of too much information, and too much advice, If there is ONE thing that will give you the key to transform EVERY area of your life, then self love it is.

The teeny tiny shift… that will yield enormous results.

Based on research & trainings, Dive into a detailed in-depth knowledge and powerful tools to live up to your happiest version ever!

Feel more:
& Peaceful


What will the Webinar Cover?

  • The 7 components of self love & self worth
  • Why everyone needs it more than anything else
  • Why it is the foundation on which ANY other aspect of your life is built
  • How stronger self love is directly linked to LUCK and GOOD FORTUNE
  • Why NO ONE ELSE will acknowledge your worth unless you do
  • Why everyone else will treat you the way you treat yourself
  • How self-worthiness is sub-consciously influencing the decisions we take and choices we make

What will you take back?

  • Clear the concepts and Myths of self-worth
  • Improved risk-taking abilities
  • Tools for attracting positive nurturing relationships in their life
  • Tools for pursuing their dreams with added zest and confidence
  • Instant shift in the quality of life by following few simple steps
  • Tools to release all that blocks them from true happiness and peace
  • Heightened self awareness

Who should Join?

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Couples
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teens
  • People dealing with Anxiety or Depression
  • People who feel they are “unlucky” or “unfortunate”

Vandana Kapuria

  • Psychology (Hons) from Delhi University
  • MBA from Times school of management
  • Negotiation Skills Coach
  • Certified Behavioural skills Coach and counsellor
  • Certified Relationship skills coach and trainer
  • Certified Adolescent and teen life skills coach
  • Certified Business success trainer and coach
  • Happiness and Emotional wellness coach
  • FOUNDER: Thousand Petals. an organization for Teen and Adult Success and Emotional Wellness
  • DIRECTOR: Enmax Smart Systems. Suppliers and Service providers of Energy Efficient Equipment and sustainable technology to the construction Industry.


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