Whiz Kids
Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids

Success & Happiness Skills
Workshops for High School
and University Students

How to develop success and
happiness skills in individuals?

This is the first thing education should be about…but isn’t.

Thousand petals workshops are designed to impart critical skills to young adults, which comprises of scientifically researched and tested hacks to living a magnifiscent life filled with abundance & joy.

Develop success and happiness skills in  individuals


Children are born naturally creative, curious and sharp intellect. School and society puts them into little boxes, stifling their innate potential and ability to grow mentally, intellectually & emotionally. And then they are abandoned as adults, maladjusted, bruised and confused. They are unprepared for the challenges that adult life brings their way.

To be success in life any individual needs multiple skills but as children we get skilled only in a single area–examination!! Many of us go through adulthood without rediscovering our own brilliance and happiness. Thousand Petals’ Whiz Kid workshops are designed to help child reconnect with his/her inner potential and harness their strength to grow into adults who can cope & conquer.

Gift your child with success CHEAT CODES and let them win the game called life


Is your child equipped with the right mental strength and EQ for winning against all future challenges?


Our teen workshops are designed to prepare your child to thrive, succeed, and be happy in the future, no matter what.


Science tells us that 80% of success in any field is due to strong emotional and mental resilience and only 20% is due to learnt skills.


They are incorporated with skills that are not only essential but critical for maximizing focus and performance as well as to rewire the mind to re-awaken imagination, innovation and creativity.

Watch them Emerge Victorious







Whiz kid workshops consist of scientific researched tools to help your child with:

  • Exam Stress
  • Social & Image Anxiety
  • Improving Emotional Resilience & EQ
  • Release from Addictions
  • Release from Self Sabotaging Thought Patterns & Beliefs
  • Self Confidence
  • Building Harmonious Supportive Relationships Personal & Professional
  • The Science of Happiness & Success
  • The Science of Happiness & Success
  • How to Live Positively and Dynamically Everyday
  • Love Appreciation for Self
  • Staying Focused & Motivated
  • Managing Anger & Depression
  • Becoming Better at Studies or Whatever You Do
  • Being Ready for the Real World and its Challenges

What we do

What we do